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Your current rankings

Understanding your current keyword ranking is essential to any SEO strategy. After all, you can't improve your ranking if you don't know where you currently stand. Keyword ranking is a top priority for SEO, as it provides valuable insights into where your website is performing well and where there is room for improvement.

Low hanging fruit keywords first

Tackling easy-win keywords first is a great way to improve your ranking quickly. These are keywords that either you are already ranking for on the lower pages of Google or those with low competition. By focusing our efforts on these keywords, we can move up the ranks and start driving more traffic to your site.

Keeping track of your ranking progress

Data and analytics are the most important part of ranking highly on Google. That's why keeping track of your ranking progress is essential to success. The first step to improving your keyword ranking is understanding where you stand today.

Monthly keyword ranking reports

Our team provides monthly ranking reports for our clients to see what keywords they are ranking for, what they aren’t ranking for, and which ones are climbing in the ranks.

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