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A great site with bad SEO won't rank

Digital Valley evaluates sites thoroughly to ensure that they are optimized for SEO. This includes installing Google Webmaster Tools, indexing the site properly, reviewing the website structure, looking into schema data and URL structure. Our services are scalable to the amount of SEO work you want done.

Mobile is critical for SEO

Search engines like Google are now taking mobile friendly websites into consideration when it comes to their ranking algorithm. If your website is not mobile friendly, it will be as good as invisible to Google. We can also make your site "Accelerated Mobile Page" (AMP) compliant. Sites that are AMP compliant rank first on Google.

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On-Site SEO needs to be 100% before any off-site SEO efforts are made

Optimize Your Tags

Title, Description and Schema

We’ll crawl your website’s indexed pages, optimize their titles descriptions and image tags. Google schema will also be added to all relevant content like address, posts, authors and products.

Optimize your tags

Optimize Your Content

Content is King

We’ll ensure your website’s pages have sufficient content on each page to rank. Our team will also ensure that your target keywords, phrases and search terms appear in your content in an organic way, to help complement your SEO backlinking efforts and onsite optimization.

Start Developing Targeted Content

Optimize your location

Local before National

If you run an online business, your local customer base should be your first target. Google likes online businesses and websites to first rank locally for targeted search terms before ranking nationally.

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