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Advertising on facebook is one of the most effective ways of online advertising

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Why should I use Facebook ads?

There are currently 1.79 billion users on Facebook and climbing. Ignoring this social media behemoth is no longer an option. Get your product or service in front of those users. Facebook offers an extensive ads creation suite via Facebook Ads Manager that allows you to target as granular or as broadly as you like.

Spot-on Facebook ad campaigns

Our Facebook ads experts will analyze your goals and target audience, then formulate the best Facebook ad campaign strategy for you. The possibilities are endless with Facebook ads. Optimize for website clicks, impressions, reach or engagement. Show traditional ads, carousel ads, lead forms or other types of ads. Target by regions, languages, interests, purchasing habits and much more.

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Facebook Ads are a highly effective way to attract new leads and sales

Facebook Post Links

Drive relevant traffic to your website

Promote your website with post links and start driving relevant traffic to your site. This is the most common form of advertising, target the right audience and keep them coming back. There’s also an added benefit of growing your Facebook likes.

Increase your website traffic

Facebook Leads

Generate New Leads on Facebook

The nature of the Facebook experience encourages browsing and makes viewers more open to learning about a new service or product. Get your ad in front of those users. Your ad set allows us to get very specific and only show your ads to facebook users who fit the description of potential new customers. The desktop news feed ads and mobile feed ads make your ad appear seamlessly in users’ newsfeeds. They won’t notice it’s an ad, making your ad that much more likely to generate a new visitor!

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Facebook Likes

Get More Organic Facebook Likes

Buying likes is now easily detected by anyone. It looks spammy and dishonest, scaring off any potential customers. Acquiring likes should be done naturally. Putting your ads in front of an audience that is interested in what you have to offer is a great way to boost those likes and gain new followers and ultimately, potential customers. We can optimize your ads specifically to grow your fanbase.

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