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If you have a small online shop selling luxury or fashion goods, Shopify is an excellent choice. Join Black Milk Clothing, Pencil by 53 and Dodocase - all highly successful eCommerce companies whose sites are built on Shopify. This framework offers a simple, hosted platform that doesn't require advanced technical knowledge to get up and running. You will need some custom development and select extensions to make the most of Shopify, however. Digital Valley can help you set up your Shopify site for success.

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We'll use Shopify templates and platforms to make a unique eCommerce store that reflects your vision. Our sites are designed beautifully, optimized for mobile and of course, for sales. We use a mix of techniques such as newsletters, popups, forgotten carts and more to help convert the visitors to your site into customers. We’ll also use off-site SEO and advertising techniques to find you new customers. With Digital Valley, we'll give you the strategy to reach and surpass your eCommerce goals.

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We can maximize your brand’s value by integrating Shopify with your Social Media and Marketing plans effectively. Don't have Social Media set up yet? We'll help you identify the right Social Media channels to identify and capture followers to turn them into customers.. We'll also help you get newsletter subscribers and set you up with an email marketing campaign to get loyal customers to your Shopify store.

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